Kenya Moore Faults Porsha Williams For RHOA Fight: Cynthia was right to defend herself.

Cynthia Bailey-Kenya Moore-Porsha Williams-the jasmine brand

Kenya Moore blames Porsha Williams for how the altercation escalated between her and Cynthia Bailey. If you’re an avid viewer of Real Housewives of Atlanta, last night you witnessed the physical brawl that took place between Porsha and Cynthia. After the episode aired, Kenya took to her Instagram, sharing her point of view on who was responsible for what went down. She writes:

I am consistently consistent. I do not advocate violence. They were both wrong. I do believe Cynthia overreacted to Porsha. However, Cynthia made a choice to walk away. Once the argument got out of hand, Porsha kept pointing in Cynthia’s face 1inch from her nose and then straddled her like she was going to attack her. So yes, I believe Cynthia was right to defend herself. She knows what she is capable of. Three times is not an isolated incident-It’s a pattern.


Authored by: Kellie Williams