Rick Ross Denies EVER Splitting With Lira Galore Over Another Rapper + See their Paper Spread!

Rick Ross, Lira Galore

Rick Ross, Lira Galore

Rick Ross and Lira Galore have taken their couple cuteness to Paper Magazine, for a regal photo shoot at the rapper’s Atlanta estate. Check out a few of our favorite excerpts, including rumors that they split.

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The weirdest thing he’s read about himself online:

You see a lot on the Internet so if it’s not going to directly affect my business partners [or me], I hardly reach out to correct someone. Instead, my music is used to clarify any bullshit. But I actually woke up recently and read a blog that said me and Lira separated and it involved another rapper. Of course, that was totally fabricated. There was nothing she did to me and vice versa. I got nothing but love and respect for Lira.


The craziest thing he’s done all year:

I was incarcerated and I was in solitary confinement 24 hours a day with a light on above me. A young lady was unfortunately arrested as well and put in isolation across from me. One night, I just woke up and screamed across and asked her to sing [the Arrested Development song] “Tennessee,”and she did it for me three times back to back. Another crazy thing I’ve done this year was go out on my yacht, Rich Forever. I wanted to jump out into the water, so I did, but for some reason I felt so comfortable and relaxed that I drifted away a little too much. I felt like I fought for my life for 15 minutes to get back on that fucking yacht. Definitely some shit that I won’t do again.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams