(EXCLUSIVE) NFL Star DeMarco Murray Dragged into Divorce Battle w/ Ex-Teammate, Cheating Allegations Resurface

NFL star DeMarco Murray Dragged into Divorce Battle w Ex Teammate, Cheating Allegations Resurface-the jasmine brand

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, NFL star DeMarco Murray is being dragged into the nasty divorce of his former teammate Brennan Clay, with the allegations he cheated with his estranged wife resurfacing once again — this according to court documents filed by the wife.

Last December, Clay announced he was going to divorce his wife of 4 months Gina, following him allegedly discovering text messages between Dallas Cowboys star Murray and his wife, which he said were so graphic they made his disgusted.


Brennan Clay, Gina

However, according to court records his wife Gina (aka Eugina D’Agostini) beat Clay to the punch and slapped him with divorce papers on December 11th in Dallas County Court.

According to the divorce petition, Gina says that her marriage with Clay is without any children involved and their martial estate is more than zero but less than $50k.

DeMarco Murray

DeMarco Murray