Deray McKesson On Running For Mayor of Baltimore, Meeting Obama & Being Funded by the Illuminati [VIDEO]

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Civil Rights activist Deray Mckesson is well-known for his activism, popularity on social media and his trip to Ferguson, Missouri after the death of Mike Brown. After being in the streets of Ferguson with protesters and being tear gassed, McKesson’s pursuit of activism and black lives matter strengthened. He recently visited Hot 97 and discussed his plans to run for mayor of his hometown Baltimore, the Black Lives matter movement, meeting President Obama and the rumors that he is being funded by the Illuminati. See a few excerpts.

On his plans for Baltimore if he becomes mayor:

I’m running to offer a plan and a strategy that focuses on these issues at a scale. You know we have 70,000 addicts 41% of our adults are illiterate. Like we have to figure out how to do this at scale.

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On challenges he faces as an activist:

I got a death threat at a movie theater in Baltimore…I announced that I was going to be there, ’cause we were doing a talk and somebody tweeted there was going to be a shooting. And the police came [and] did a sweep in the middle of the movie and had to evacuate the movie theater.

On his trip to the White House and meeting the president:

He is really humble…When he get’s in the room all people do is praise… We had a good conversation and then at the end of it he extended it for a good 30 minutes so he could get questions from the younger activists.

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On how he sees Obama’s role after presidency:

I think he’ll be much more free.

On the Illuminati:

I get these conspiracy theories like, Dray’s funded by the Illuminati and there is an Illuminati wiki and I do have an entry in the Wikipedia.

See the full video interview below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams