Mimi Faust’s Girlfriend Explains Her ‘Touch Me Not’ Area + Why They Aren’t Lesbians

Chris Gauld, Mimi Faust's partner

Chris Gauld, Mimi Faust’s partner

In a new interview with VH1, Mimi Faust’s girlfriend, Chris, explains what a ‘touch me not’ means. If you watched Monday night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you witness Mimi girlfriend explain to Mimi’s BFF, Ariane, that there are certain areas on her bodies that are off limits. When further trying to explain this, she tells VH1,

I actually am going to hate that word. Again, it’s like trying to make somebody who’s never seen the moon, see what the moon is. I want you to understand I’m not somebody who wants, [and] this is specific to me, be touched in areas that will remind me mentally that I am biologically female because for me, one of the few moments, I’m able to kinda of exhibit my masculinity is sexually. I wish I would have chosen a better term.

Chris, Mimi

Chris, Mimi

When asked if “touch-me-not” allows for a fulfilling sex life, she says,

I will agree if anybody else is like me they’re probably just as sexually frustrated as I am. I can tell you that there is a level of mental satisfaction to it. It’s a mental thing. Physically, I don’t know. Being in a place for so long, I don’t know another way.

Meanwhile Mimi does not consider herself in a lesbian relationship. In fact, on the show she explains that she considers herself in a heterosexual relationship. On the show, she tells Ariane,

I identify myself as a female. Chris identifies herself [sic] as male. So we are not in a lesbian relationship.

Chris adds, 

Mentally and spiritually, I identify as male, just in a female vessel.

Click here for more of Chris’ interview.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams