Kehlani’s Releases New Single, “24/7” [New Music]

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Singer Kehlani (born Kehlani Parrish) premiered her new single, “24/7” just two months after suicide attempt. The single is produced by DZL. In the song, she goes deep about depression and the struggles on keeping your head up.

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She sings,

It’s okay to not be okay
To dive in your pain
And it’s alright to not be alright
To search for your light
And it’s all good to not be all good
To feel like you shouldn’t feel any better

You gotta lose you just a little
Lose your cool just a little
I won’t judge you a little
Not even a little bit
I know you’re fuckin’ sick of it

Listen below.

Kehlani is currently working on her debut album and recently performed at the NJIT Fest this past weekend with fellow singer Justine Skye.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams