Shaunie O’Neal Reveals Why She’s Both Executive Producer AND Cast Member

Shaunie O'Neal

Shaunie O’Neal

Not only is she making coins in front the camera, but Shaunie O’Neal is also getting a check and calling the shots behind-the-scenes of Basketball Wives LA. In a new interview, the executive producer, who is back for a new season of the VH1 show, dishes and defends both roles. Peep some excerpts below.

On how personalities are portrayed:

There are things that don’t have to be aired, but then again would y’all be watching?

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On being blamed for glass throwing and fighting:

I can’t put words in anyone’s mouth. I can’t put action into their arms [you know]. What comes across on television is real. Whether or not you have a person who’s a little more hungry for camera time, than the other and goes a little extra further than the other is completely on them.

On her job as executive producer:

My job is just help cast to make good television for the viewers. Sometimes I cover my eyes and you know put my head down cause I’m like ‘Oh my God are you serious?’

Shaunie O'Neal

Shaunie O’Neal

On how she is able to play EP and cast mate:

I have to step out of my personal feelings.

On why she chose to be both EP and cast member:

When I brought the idea to the table – I said, why would I be on it? I don’t want to be on it – Just let me produce it. I’m good . Wasn’t so much the concept VH1 had for me so here I am.

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