(EXCLUSIVE) Jeremih Shut Down By Judge, Model To Pursue Lawsuit Over Album



theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Jeremih has been shut down in his attempt to have a model’s lawsuit against him thrown out – in which she sued the singer for using her image on his album cover without permission or paying her. A Federal Court judge denied his motion and is now allowing the woman to continue on with her case, in which she wants damages from the recording artist.

Here’s the latest: On August 15th, the Federal Court judge presiding over the case came back with his decision on the rapper’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

The judge shut down Jeremih and explained both the photographer and the model have laid out enough evidence thus far to continue on with their lawsuit against the singer.

The order explains the photographer has provided enough to prove they have a case for alleged copyright infringement. The judge says the model also has a claim for misappropriation of her likeness due to the singer using her photo on his album cover.

The decision is not the final determination in the case but rather the judge is denying the record label and artist’s attempt to dismiss the case and will be allowing the plaintiffs to continue on with their legal battle in hopes of being awarded damages for the alleged actions.



Here’s the backstory: Photographer Alexander Flemming and model Louise Rams hit the singer and his labels Def Jam and Universal Music with a federal lawsuit last year.

The photographer explained that he owns and copyrighted a photograph shot of the model Louise Rams, featuring her with her blonde hair in front of her face and her holding up her finger to her mouth.

Flemming said that Jeremih stole his work and used it for the cover of his hit sing “Don’t Tell Em“, along with various other marketing and advertising materials – including the singers social media accounts.

He said to make matters worse ,Jeremih even removed his watermark from the photo when he used it for his album cover.

The photographer filed suit against the singer and his record labels for the illegal use of his photo featuring Louise Rams claiming they exploited his work without his permission for profit.

Louise is suing Jeremih for the unauthorized use of her photo to advertise the singer’s album. They both are demanding damages from the singer and his labels along with an injunction from him continuing to use the photo in question. Jeremih demanded the entire case be dismissed and the plaintiff’s awarded nothing from their complaint.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams