Jhene Aiko Releases New Track “Maniac” [New Music]

Jhene Aiko Releases New Track "Maniac" [New Music]

Jhene Aiko Releases “Maniac”

Jhene Aiko is back. Hot off the heels of her collaborative Twenty88 EP with boyfriend Big Sean, the California native is releasing a new solo track “Maniac.” The sultry track is said to be the lead single from her upcoming album. Recently, Aiko spoke about how her creative process has changed explaining,

I used to depend a lot on my extracurricular [activities like] smoking weed and drinking, and I always would take a short cut but the older I get, I feel like I can moreso channel my creative energy rather than having to be under the influence of something. I’ve always been like this but now more than ever, nothing ropes is off limits. I feel comfortable to really truly be myself — every part of me.

There’s nothing I feel like I can’t share. Maybe a few years ago I might have felt a little shy about expressing my sexuality, my silliness or my playfulness but now it’s whatever. I care less about what people are going to say or what people think and it’s moreso just about expressing myself — having the freedom to do whatever I want to do.

“Maniac” is also part of an art project photographed by Steven Taylor that features her tied up with rope. Take a listen to the track below.



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Authored by: Kellie Williams