Mel B’s MUA Confirms Ex Husband Regularly Beat Her: I covered her bruises with make-up.

Stephen Belanfonte & Mel B

Mel B’s MUA Confirms Ex Husband Regularly Beat Her

Mel B’s professional make-up artist is backing up claims that the singer and America’s Got Talent TV host suffered abuse from her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, who she is currently divorcing.  Reportedly, the make-up artist has contacted Mel B’s lawyers offering to write a sworn declaration of what he claims to know about the situation.

Mel B's MUA Confirms Ex Husband Regularly Beat Her

Mel B

The MUA says that for years, Mel B would confide in him about being physically abused by Stephen. He says that he covered up some of her injuries with make-up. According to a report,

He says she [Mel B] would confide in him but lie to others on set about the injuries. And, he says, Belafonte knew Mel B talked to the makeup artist, and he says he was threatened numerous times. The makeup artist says Belafonte would withhold money from him unless he followed orders … don’t say a word about the injuries. The makeup artist also says he heard Belafonte being “aggressive and verbally abusive” to Mel B and the children, sometimes calling his wife “disgusting and ugly.” He also says Belafonte was extremely controlling, ordering security to keep tabs on Mel B “beyond a level of safety.”

Belafonte denies the accusations of abuse.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams