Mathew Knowles Threatens Liars: If You Lie, I’m Going To Sue

Mathew Knowles Is Calling Out Liars: If You Lie, I'm Going To Sue.

Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles Threatens To Sue Liars

Mathew Knowles, father of megastars Beyonce and Solange, both accredited with number one hits in 2016, says that he doesn’t have an issue with mainstream media; however, if you are going to tell a story, make it a real one. In a recent interview he talks lawsuits, why he’s proud of Solange and if he’s still managing his daughters. Peep the excerpts below.

On selling Destiny’s Child memorabilia during the Super Bowl weekend:

We sent a press release out. That, that is 100% a lie and there will be a price to pay for those people who started that lie. In the past, in my whole career in the music industry I have only sued one time. I am not litigious. I turn my face on stuff but I just think that people who are litigious are just not good people.

Mathew & Beyonce

Unfortunately, I have to change that philosophy. We will be filing lawsuits against people who continually lie and they lie just simply because they need Beyonce’s name so that they can keep their viewership and their high ratings, and I am not going to let them use my daughter like that anymore, so if you tell a lie like that, I am going to sue you.

Mathew with daughter Solange and grandson Juelz

On independent artists and his perspective on who are currently the most underrated artists:

I am also happy to see and proud to see Solange and her growth and having her first number one record and breaking records with her and her sister being the first two sisters to ever have number one records in the history of music and to see her in her artistry and her creativity.

On if he still has a hand in managing his daughter’s career:

I get to talk often with my kids and there were rumors years ago that I hadn’t seen my granddaughter. I have to say that the one lawsuit that I ever filed was against a magazine that came to my office interviewed me, all photos of me, Beyonce and my granddaughter, all in my office and then went back and wrote I had never seen my granddaughter. That just really igged me and again a different day, fortunately I get to talk often to my kids, but I stay in the lane of father and that’s the lane I want to be.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams