Hill Harper Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

Hill Harper Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

Hill Harper

Hill Harper Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

Actor, activist and author, Hill Harper, is opening up about his health scare. In 2010, Harper was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In a recent interview Harper, 50, discussed his cancer diagnosis, what scared him and his new skincare company. Peep the excerpts below.

On getting diagnosed: 

I was shooting a movie in Atlanta; shooting with Tyler Perry, and I woke up one morning, I couldn’t swallow and I knew I wasn’t sick. So I called a buddy of his who was a doctor in Atlanta and said, ‘You know I think something is wrong and I’m not sure what.’ He said ‘Come on in’ and next thing I know, later that afternoon I’m sitting on a table with 16-needles sticking into my neck with an ultrasound guiding them, extracting fluid. I come back a week later they tell me ‘You have cancer and you should get surgery on his thyroid and get it removed, get a Thyroidectomy as soon as possible.’

 On what scared him: 

My father had been diagnosed with the same thing at his age and he has since passed. And so [I] had the surgery and everything was great, but I wanted to research and find out ways that I could actually be healthy. What I started to find was, what we put on our skin, you know our skin is our largest organ on our body and what we put on our skin we absorb into our system. Our liver has to detoxify and deal with it and I found that 98% of the products have aluminum in them, have petroleum, which is oil, have parabens, which is preservatives that affect your endocrine system. Your liver has to deal with all of this and if your liver is so weighed down, dealing with all these things you’re putting in it, then it can’t detoxify.

On starting his new skincare company: 

So I started by buying all these natural [body] products but they were so expensive that the average person couldn’t afford it, thats not fair, so I started a brand new company to produce all-natural, healthy skincare products, that are most importantly, affordable. The company is called, BetheArchitect.com, BetheArchitect.com, because you can can control your life. You’re the architect of your life. Put in the right products.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams