Amanda Seales Educates Caitlyn Jenner About White Privilege [VIDEO]

Amanda Seales Educates Caitlyn Jenner About What Privilege

Amanda Seales Educates Caitlyn About What Privilege

Katy Perry took to YouTube to help promote for her new album “Witness.” During her YouTube Live event, comedian and actress Amanda Seales might have stolen the spotlight for a quick few minutes.

During the segment of “Dinner and Discourse”, Seales shared some facts with Caitlyn Jenner about how her experience in America has been different, facts about government housing, and most importantly race in America. Jenner opens the floor on the discussion of race by stating,

I believe in this country.

Seales responded, illustrating to Jenner that while  her experience in America is exemplary, other people’s experience may not be. Seales states,

I feel like, there is an understanding that if someone doesn’t agree with you, it may come from the fact that they may have had a completely different experience.

Jenner responded,

I totally agree.

Seales continues,

I have had nothing of similarity to your experience in this country. And for me, it’s an insult to me, that you don’t want to speak cause you’re aren’t listening to what I’m saying. All of us here have had such unique experiences and such different backgrounds, and if we are going to have a conversation about conversation(s) then we have to be listening to each other. And listening to the fact that I’m passionate – and I’m not hostile, I’m passionate – is because I’ve had such different experience in this country than you.

She adds,

Because, as a black woman, the government is so much in my life. And it always has been. The government literally said that black men could not be in the house or else women could not get welfare. And that is a big reason why there is such a chasm between black women and men in this generation. And I know why you’re talking the way you’re talking.

Jenner then states,

I don’t understand what am I talking? I just said was that I believe in this country.

Seales finishes,

Yes! You can say that in a way that I cannot. Because I’ve had a different experience. Because this country is here for you. This country ain’t here for me in the same way, sis. And you, as a trans person, have to also identify the fact that this country hasn’t been here for trans until, maybe 2 o’clock today.

See the clip.

Amanda also commented on social media about her conversation with Caitlyn, writing:

About last night at Katy Perry live dinner. I don’t take being in these conversations lightly. As a black woman they will far too often consider your intellect a threat and your passion a problem. I hope I inspired others last night to live in your truth no matter who is at the table. Let’s grow not just a discourse of love but a DISCOURSE OF COURAGE. Because that’s what it takes to face and deliver these inconvenient truths. Made my momma proud last night. Thanks for the love y’all.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams