Wendy Williams Won’t Be To Returning To Radio: “I don’t have the strength.”

Wendy Williams Won't Be To Returning To Radio: "I don’t have the strength."

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams On Diddy, New App & Not Returning To Radio

Wendy Williams has made it very clear that she is not a fan of dallying or being lazy. The 53-year-old conversationalist has been working diligently to push her riveting talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, to the next level, but some may be unaware that she originally received her start in radio!

Williams has been featured in National Radio Hall of Fame, been nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards, has had the opportunity of meeting/interviewing a plethora of celebrities/entertainers, launched a clothing line via HSN, and much more. As Williams approaches the ninth season of her syndicated talk show, the entertainer thought it would be the right time to get digital. The wife and mother introduced two mobile apps back in June. One app called WenMoji features Williams, but in interactive emoji form. While the other, Wendy Digital features the latest news in pop culture, and doing regular things.

Recently, Williams stopped by Sway’s Universe dishing on her two new apps, her relationship with Diddy, and why she’s not returning to radio. Check out a few excerpts below.

On the drugs people do today:

I think the kids these days take worse stuff than we did.

On of her new apps:

So I have two apps. One, WenMoji. It’s my image, doing things. There are several of them on there. I literally designed them so that you can have a conversation with somebody without using words. It’s all original. Now, the Wendy Digital is when you get the reporters reporting the hot topics. But one of the things particularly endeared to me is my “Suddenly Wendy” area. Suddenly you hit the button and you see something you wouldn’t expect.

I’m in the backyard playing with my dogs, next thing you know, I’m in the basement digging in the crates. Looking in old school things like that. Personal videos that have nothing to do with a show bra and some eyelashes. You can go to the Apple iOS store and Android Play store.

On how she feels about the apps overall:

I’m really proud of it because my son thinks we’re cool. He told me, ‘Mom, Facebook? Really? Nobody uses Facebook anymore. That’s why you’re corny.’”

On how she became a business woman:

Well, who’s going to pay my bills? Who grew up rich in this room? I don’t regret the 20’s. Those were very important years. Those years need to be out of your system in order to manage business as an adult. And so for me, no, when I got into radio I figured I’d be a mid-day radio personality.

On her relationship with Diddy:

For me, Puff coming and representing the height of the Forbes list. The number one entertainer, not rapper entertainer. He beat Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt. He is number one. That’s my era. I helped him do Bad Boy. We were all in the trenches together at a particular time. Somebody can try to do you in, but the power of forgiveness, and the power of going on and making it. I’ve always been motivated by haters, including my parents. I appreciate Puff. And I appreciate that I don’t have to call him Diddy.

On if she would return to radio:

I don’t have the strength. Even though the show [The Wendy Williams Show] is only one hour, my clothing line at HSN, I got my production company. And now I’m with Live Nation.

On what she loves about The Wendy Williams Show:

I enjoy the various artists and entertainers that we have on our show. It’s one of the things that make us special from all the other talk shows – with all respect to my peers. You’re not going to see Billy Ray [Cyrus] one day then Lamar [Odom] the next day. And then LaLa [Anthony] talking about Melo and what all is transpiring in her life. You’re not going to see a man in a full wig on any other show, but my show. It’s a ridiculous show and it is the ride of my life. I love it!


Authored by: TJB Writer