Amber Rose Praises Celeb Attorney Lisa Bloom: She’s here for women like us.

Amber Rose Praises Celeb Attorney Lisa Bloom: She's here for women like us.

Lisa Bloom & Amber Rose

Amber Rose Praises Lisa Bloom

Amber Rose is praising Lisa Bloom, Blac Chyna’s attorney. Bloom is representing Chyna in her lawsuit against her ex fiance Rob Kardashian, following his sharing of nude photos of her in July without consent.

I think now with amazing people like [attorney] Lisa Bloom, we don’t feel like we need to just take that on the chin anymore. 

Rose, who held her Slut Walk this past weekend, recalls having a similar experience to Chyna.

I experienced that in 2011 when all of my nude pictures were leaked. I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to or anywhere to go to help me. Now Lisa Bloom is there for women like us.

She continues,

It’s a social media age where … you send them a picture or video that you take with someone that you love. Then when things don’t work out, it’s not their choice to put it out on the internet.

She also admits that she and Chyna are often subjected to slut-shaming due to their former careers.

I think it’s the fact that we are ex-strippers. I feel like no matter how successful I get, people always say ‘former stripper Amber Rose’. They never say ‘former McDonald’s worker’ or ‘former Starbucks worker.’ They say that to down us and degrade us and make us feel inferior. But we won’t allow that to happen anymore. So we continue to flourish and work and change people’s lives.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams