Chris Brown: Y’all better start showing some f*cking respect!

Chris Brown: Y'all better start showing some f*cking respect!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Lashes Out At Critics

Chris Brown is livid with how he is being treated. The 28-year-old singer recently expressed his displeasure with how he’s been received by some naysayers and critics. Not specifically stating who he is speaking about, he stated,

Take it how u want but due to the fact I have to defend myself for winning is a damn shame!! I aint bringing bhris back! My music will forever speak for me. So anyone who think im finna keep letting yall try to make an issue out of love! Came to ny for a great free concert. Ima finally say this sh*t… Im the best out of all these artist and I will not allow u broke following need a hook from chris brown so yall records pop.

Listing a few credentials in his successful career, he continued:

Yall bettter start showing some f*cking respect and act right! Im make music for people who like my sh*t! And obviously everybody need a hook or a song but me from anyone! 3 platinum singles before my album, I direct, edit, vocal arrange, and make u hate me because im the f*cking best! So do yourself a favor, actaully get a work ethic and grind because it out-hustle, rap, and sing better then all you scared industry niggas! I been here before a lot y’all niggas even knew about real music! Not nay one of any of yall see me and you actually truly know it!

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Authored by: Kellie Williams