J.Hud’s Ex Fiancee David Otunga: I’ve NEVER Abused Her, She’s Trying To Play A Victim!

J.Hud's Ex Fiancee David Otunga: I've NEVER Abused Her, She's Trying To Play A Victim!

David Otunga, J.Hud

J.Hud’s Ex Fiancee David Otunga: I’ve NEVER Abused her or our son!

Unfortunately, it appears that things have already gotten ugly between Jennifer Hudson (36) and her fiancé David Otunga (37). Last night (November 16th), we reported that the pair have ended their relationship and it appears that the pair are having a disagreement over their 8-year-old son, David.

Otunga’s attorney has released a statement, explaining why they feel J.Hud received an Order of Protection.

David Otunga has been trying to negotiate the terms of an amicable parenting agreement with Ms. Hudson for several weeks now. However, when it became apparent to Ms. Hudson that Mr. Otunga would be the parent granted residential care of the child, as a result of Mr. Otunga being the child’s primary caregiver while Ms. Hudson pursues her career all over the world, Ms. Hudson decided to file a meritless Petition for Order of Protection in an effort to gain an unfair advantage in the custody dispute.

The statement continues,

As a result of Mr. Otunga’s career in the WWE, Ms. Hudson felt that she could give an award winning performance in court to portray herself as the victim. Mr. Otunga has never abused or harassed Ms. Hudson or their son.

As previously reported, J.Hud’s rep has released the following statement:

They have been in the process of ending their relationship for a number of months. Today, Jennifer requested and received a protective order against her ex-fiancé. Jennifer’s actions are solely taken in the best interest of their son. 

Jennifer Hudson & Fiancé David Otunga End 10 Year Relationship, Singer Receives Protective Order

David Otunga, Jennifer Hudson, David Otunga Jr.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams