Diddy Reveals He Was Once Engaged For 4 Hours + Reacts To 50 Constantly Trashing Him

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Diddy Reveals He Was Once Engaged For 4 Hours + Reacts To 50 Constantly Trashing Him

With a new music competition show called ‘The Four’, and continuing to showcase his lavish lifestyle on social media with all of his friends and family, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs shows no signs of slowing down on his grind.

The ‘Bad Boy’ business mogul has a healthy relationship with his children and the mother’s of his kids, and unlike most men with different baby mommas, he appears to be able to keep the peace between them and his current girlfriend Cassie. Puff has also been the center of attention due to rumors about offering the child H&M model a hefty contract with his brand after the company went under fire for the inappropriateness of the sweater in the ad that went viral.

In a recent interview, Diddy simply put the claim to rest about the alleged $1 million contract offer, while opening up about his plans to invest in NFL team The Panthers and spilled the beans on when he was engaged to a woman for four hours!

During the interview, he recalls a time when he was once engaged for four hours. The incident happened years ago while he was in Las Vegas. Apparently, his then girlfriend popped the question.

I acted like it didn’t happen, I was definitely in the spirit, but the next day I treated her like ‘we had a great night last night,’ but I was just telling the story that it was a wild night that happened, I was in Vegas, I got proposed to and I said ‘yes’, we definitely had a ring, and she definitely put it on me, but it was like one of her rings that I guess I complimented her on, we was in a relationship, it was all in the spirit of fun, it was something real interesting that I did.

Diddy also denies reports about a model contract offered to the H&M child model was totally false.

That wasn’t real, why would I give a kid a million dollars for a picture? Ain’t that much modeling in the world, it didn’t happen.

The 48-year-old business man still has interest in taking his talents to the NFL and still wants to buy the Panthers.

The process has just started, so I will be able to give more updates on that like in two weeks, it was never about me buying the Panthers, it was always about ‘we’, we need a team, they have to consider about some black ownership right now, and 80-90 percent of the league being African American, if we don’t own nothing, we don’t have nothing and we have to make that change, and I feel like that shift is coming, and make sure that we have that seat at the table. [I] put together an investment group, and I feel like we as a community need a team, it will be a collective of people coming together. It’s a lot of rules a lot of regulations, a lot of loopholes, rules are made to be broken, rules are made to evolve, and if somebody doesn’t jump out there on it, then nothing will change.

Diddy also seems to be unfazed by jabs given to him by Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson. Most recently, 50 stated that he questioned Diddy’s sexuality, when he offered to take him shopping.

Responding to this, Diddy says,

Yeah, I thought he needed some clothes, I’m a nice guy, I don’t have no beef with Fif, he loves me, ‘y’all don’t see it’? We are not the same, and I respect that, I never hit him with nothing, I don’t even think of no other man, besides if I am thinking about another man, I am thinking about uplifting, I am not thinking about all that, all then gnats, they really can’t touch me, at the end of the day, y’all see and know what it is, the track record, the business acumen, y’all know the community service… when he does that, it’s funny to me, I really don’t take it personal, I know he has a different sense of humor, I would never say nothing negative about him.. sometimes when people feel like they don’t like you or they act like that, they really love you, I am not just saying it to say it, I am not going no where.

By –Ike Morgan

Authored by: Kellie Williams