EXCLUSIVE: A$AP Rocky Ex-Landlord Continues To Sue Him For Trashing Condo: You Installed A Recording Studio! 

ASAP Rocky

A$AP Rocky Ex-Landlord Continues To Sue Him For Trashing Condo

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, A$AP Rocky (real name Rakim Mayers) continues his legal battle with his former landlord.

Here’s the latest: This month, the rapper’s former landlord filed new docs in the case revealing new details of the alleged damage caused by the 29-year-old rapper.

The alleged damage included the entire upstairs walk-in closet was ripped out and replaced with a recording studio, holes were found in the floors where a carpet was installed and removed. Further, doors in the apartment were removed and not replaced, deeps scratches were found in each bedrooms, stairs and walls due to heavy objects being dragged between the rooms, A$AP installed a security system but failed to remove when he left, the downstairs bedroom was converted into a wardrobe but not removed when he vacated.

He says to remove the recording studio it cost him nearly $6,500 and $65k for the entire repairs. He is seeking to have the judge grant him summary judgement before the case even goes to trial.

A$AP Rocky

Here’s the backstory: A$AP Rocky’s former landlord, Scott Crowe, is blasting the lawsuit accusing him of screwing his ex-tenant out of his $40k deposit over a luxury New York apartment. The owner accuses ASAP of being the one to breach their lease NOT him and demanding the entire suit be thrown

Last year, Crowe filed a suit, accusing him of trashing his luxury condo and leaving him with $175k
in repairs. Back in October 2013, he leased a New York condo in a luxury building to the rapper.  The two signed an amendment to their lease several months after he moved in, due to the rapper making certain alterations without the owner’s approval and he agreed to restore the unit to it’s original conditions when he moved out.

A$AP moved out of the unit in August and the landlord said the property was left in complete despair and damaged throughout …and he failed to make to restore the home to its original condition.

The landlord claimed the home was left with damaged floors, carpet was installed in the upstairs bedroom and not removed, the custom chandelier which existed in the stairwell was removed, broken
fireplace, corner of the fireplace mantel was broken, floors in the downstairs living room were damaged, walls throughout were damaged due to him installing and removing art work, kitchen cabinets were
scratched and damaged, all security cameras and associated equipment installed were removed and the security he installed was not removed before he left.

He explained the unit was

left in a generally filthy state with dirt, huge piles of debris and garbage throughout the unit.

Crowe sued the rapper seeking in excess of $175k, for the entire cost of repair and demanding the court order him to return the fixtures he took with him, along with the unpaid rent he owed.

A$AP fired back with a counter-suit demanding $50k in damages. He denied the damage done to
the condo was his fault.

The rapper said during his time at the home his landlord failed to maintain or make repairs to the property, pointing out that he failed to prevent water from flooding into the unit at one point which
caused it to be flooded with water both in Summer of 2015 and Summer of 2016 … which caused the rapper’s property to be damaged.

He said the unit became unfit for human habitation and he was denied the use and enjoyment of the home for one month, where he had to find and pay for another place to stay.

A$AP counter-sued demanding $40k for the security deposit he never got back, despite leaving the unit on the agreed date, and $10k for the inconvenience he was caused by the flooding. He also wanted the
lawsuit against him tossed and the ex-landlord pay his legal bills.

Crowe responded to the counter suit explaining that the rapper of breached the contract NOT him.He says that he has documented evidence that will prove A$AP has no right to bring the counter-suit against
him. He also says that any damage or injury caused to the rapper are due to his own contributory negligence. He is demanding the counter-suit be tossed and his legal battle against A$AP continue on.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams