Blac Chyna Trashed By Mom Tokyo Toni – She Won’t Let Me See My Grandkids & Won’t Give Me Money For Food!

Blac Chyna Trashed By Mom Tokyo Toni – She Won’t Let Me See My Grandkids & Won’t Give Me Money For Food!

As we all know, Tokyo Toni never holds back on expressing herself via social media. This time, she seems to be a little fed up with her daughter Blac Chyna’s shenanigans and she’s calling her out on it. In a series of videos posted on social media, she vents about her famous daughter stating that she once denied her request of $30 and she hasn’t seen her two children in two years. According to Toni, Hollywood changes people. She says,

Fame goes to peoples head but got damnit I just so happen to be one of the b*tches to catch the fade.

She then goes on to say how she asked Chyna for $30 for food and her response was,

I’m broke and I have to take care of my kids.

Although, Tokyo hasn’t stayed quiet during the downfall of their relationship she seems to be dropping a lot more deets on what’s going on. Stating,

Just like I birthed her on her birthday imma divorce her on her birthday. That means 30 years ago I would’ve been dead for 30 years but guess what I’m alive and f*ckin well. 

Also sharing that this is the second year she has not seen her grandkids she adds,

2 years in a row. I’m going on my 2nd year of not seeing my grands. Yes they are her children and I’m not the only person who deals with this sh*t. Hollywood is so demon filled it changes peoples. We were just chilling. She raised war against me her mother the ONLY b*tch breathing that would f*cking die for her funky *ss.

She went on to say how she battled with fans and blogs in her defense.

I took on 424 million people those were the Kardashian’s fans. But b*tch I’m still here. The blogs come for my ass they know you they don’t know me. They know YOU you need to call and apologize on your f*cking knees.

After the rant she apologized to fans but also shared her last few words.

I’ve cried my last tear but now I’m angry. My kid is gone and I’m gonna accept that. My prayers. I’ve prayed, I’ve prayed and I’ve prayed. But a person still has their own will they have to go in accordance with you. I don’t know what her problem is but you bitches in California get away from her. Oh I can take you away from her cause she’s a grown ass bitch but if anything happens to her. I’m going to jail for LIFE.

Ending the video she says, “Get him away from you Chyna that nigga” speaking in regards to Chyna’s new boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay.


By: Dalvin Perkins 


Authored by: Kellie Williams