Yandy Smith Protests Waffle House

Yandy Smith Protests Waffle House

Chikesha Clemons came to national attention after a video viral of her being arrested by three white male police officers surfaced. They surrounded and yelled at her before she was wrestled to the ground with her breasts exposed. “You’re not going to grab on me like that, no,” Chikesia says to one officer. “What are you doing?” Chikesia asks another. “I’ll break your arm, that’s what I’m about to do,” one responds. The other patrons of the Waffle House, mostly white, continue to quietly eat their food.

Nothing has been quiet about the calls for justice since Clemons was arrested on April 22, 2018. Protesters gathered on Sunday (May 20th) for a two-mile march from a shopping center in Saraland, Alabama to the Waffle House where Clemons was arrested. One of the protesters, Yandy Smith is ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast member. She documented her participation in the protest on social media, where she led chants of

No justice no profit. No eggs, bacon or sausage!

Yandy also posed for a photo with other protesters on her Instagram page saying,

This revolution will be televised!!! Go to my live!

This revolution will be televised!!! Go to my live!

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In another Instagram clip she said,

I know one thing if I Die tomorrow…Y’all gonna know I lived for my people!!!! It’s about 105 degrees here in Saraland Alabama, we prayed, we marched, we shouted, we were unified and we disrupted. The same way they disrupted an unarmed black woman’s life with physical and sexual abuse. NO SIR NOT ON OUR WATCH!

The TV personality got in people’s face in another video,


She also explained the footage, writing on social media,

What you don’t see is when the angry racist white people started to push me off the table and my sister @tamikadmallory came over and said touch her again and it will be the last time you use your hands! They decided to call us names and say i was not welcome but I WAS NOT MOVING and TAMIKA WAS NOT HAVING IT!!!!!! I love you sister and will forever move when you say go! #justiceforchikeshaclemons

What are your thoughts about the Waffle House protests?

By: TheDiamondKShow

Authored by: Kellie Williams