EXCLUSIVE: Romeo Miller – “Growing Up Hip-Hop” Is More Positive Than Other Reality Shows

Romeo Miller

EXCLUSIVE: Romeo Miller – “Growing Up Hip-Hop” Is More Positive Than Other Reality Shows

As Growing Up Hip Hop gears up for season four, theJasmineBRAND correspondent Miss Conversation Piece hit the red carpet and spoke with Romeo Miller, one of the cast members and creator of the show. When asked about any new business ventures he may have, Romeo explains,

I got Romeo Lance Studios, a film company that I’ll be staring in directing and producing my own films. We got rap snacks which we’ve been doing for years and years.

Growing Up Hip Hop chronicles the lives of the children of hip-hop legends. As for what viewers are in store for this season Romeo, son of the founder of No Limit Records, Master P, says,

It’s just like a close up view of my life and I have so much going on so it’s impossible to get everything in my life but you kind of get let into the romance side, some of the business venture.

Growing Up Hip Hop cast

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And I think the cool thing with Growing Up Hip Hop is the more positive, anything in life you are going to have your pros and cons, your negatives and positives but this show you get to watch young people actually chasing their dreams and its more positive than other reality out there. So I am excited for y’all to see this season, its the best season yet and its a godd*mn roller coaster.

See the interview below.

Season four of Growing Up Hip Hop premiered May 24 airs every Thursday at 8 pm EST on WE TV.

By: Syppin With Simone

Authored by: Kellie Williams