J. Cole’s Childhood Home In North Carolina Vandalized

J. Cole’s Childhood Home In North Carolina Vandalized

Rapper J. Cole’s childhood home was vandalized over the weekend. A photo surfaced of the incident on social media. By Monday, the message had been painted over. Someone scrawled a message across the front of the split level house in the Forest Hills neighborhood in Fayetteville. The “J.Cole…Do you even care about the ville?”, the spray-painted graffiti said.


According to the police they received no report of vandalism at the house. His team would not confirm when the vandalism occurred.

The home at 2014 Forest Hills Drive in Fayetteville is where the Grammy Award nominated rapper and his brother moved to with their mother after his parents divorced and she remarried. During an interview with New York’s Combat Jack internet radio show, he stated that his childhood home,

Felt like a mansion, where he had his own room and space to dream big.


The rapper used the address as a title for his third album, “2014 Forest Hills Drive” which was released in 2014 and went platinum. The album cover showed J. Cole sitting on the roof of the house. He remains connected to his hometown including creating his nonprofit organization, “The Dreamville Foundation,” which was established in October 2011, according to the the organization’s website. In June 2014, the home was purchased by the foundation for $121,000.

Back in 2015,  J. Cole announced that he was planning on using the 1,600 square-foot home as a rent-free home for single-mother families.

My goal is to have that be a haven for a family. So every two years, a new family will come in and live rent-free. The idea is that it’s a single mother with multiple kids. I want her kids to feel how I felt when we got the house.

The popularity of his 2014 album has drawn crowds of people to the famous address. Neighbors stated that people have tried getting on the roof to copy the album cover. A security fence was installed to keep people off the property.

By: Kina Lenee Gladney

Authored by: Kellie Williams