Oprah Receives Exhibit In The National Museum of African American History

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Receives Museum Exhibit

Oprah Winfrey is being honored with her own exhibit featured at Washington D.C.’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. “Watching Oprah: The Oprah Winfrey Show and American Culture” exhibit will highlight the cultural impact of her talk show, which aired for 25 seasons, ending in 2011. It will also feature interview segments, movie costumes, personal photographs, journals and video clips of her decades long career. The exhibit is set to start June 8th and will run through June 2019.

The exhibit is also expected to have three sections with the first highlighting her childhood and early career as a journalist, second section highlighting her talk show and lastly, her philanthropy and work in the movie and book industries.

Winfrey donated $21 million to the museum,  where she has a theater named in her honor, making her the single largest individual benefactor.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah made a name for herself and has been a apart of American pop culture since September of 1986, since the debut of her talk show. Oprah was the only black woman at that time that was willing to openly talk about social issues such as racism, sexual orientation, child abuse, and sexual assault. She also made history as the richest Black woman in the world and has a current net worth of $2.9 billion dollars.

Oprah was able to use her television platform to talk about social injustices and address the everyday needs of the general public. She has given to multiple charities and even has her own Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. Oprah’s strong history in memorable movie roles, as well as running her OWN network, has helped propel Oprah into the best of both worlds where she was able to become infamous in the movie market while also being a strong social activist in the community.

By: Jeanine Cruz 

Authored by: Kellie Williams