Wendy Williams Bursts Into Tears Over Kate Spade Suicide [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams Bursts Into Tears Over Kate Spade Suicide

Wendy Williams shows empathy when explaining the details of designer Kate Spade’s suicide. Today, during her segment of “Hot Topics,” she broke down in tears as she outlined the daily struggles of being a 55-year-old woman. She begins,

If you’re too young, then maybe you can’t maybe relate to what a 55 year old woman goes through, but I got to say, as she begins to cry, It’s a weird age group. Some of us have children going off to college, some of us are grandparents, some of us have loved and lost – maybe never to love again. Some of us are very sick, can’t walk, or even speak our names. It’s an odd age group.

In her efforts to try and inform, she silences chatter around her marriage,

Reportedly – please save your ‘Why you crying? Is you and Kevin okay?’ – YES! Kevin is okay, we’re okay.

She continues,

But I sympathize with this struggle, I have friends in this age group, and we’re all going through a little something.


As previously reported, Spade was found hanging in her New York apartment Tuesday morning. Discovered by her housekeeper, the cause of death is apparent suicide. Reports claim the business woman fell into a depression after her husband, Andy Spade, asked for a divorce. She wrote a note to her their 12-year-old daughter before hanging herself; instructing her to, “Ask Daddy.”

By: @Cadarius Booker

Authored by: Kellie Williams