Donald Glover Compares “Atlanta” To Kanye’s Records – This Was Our ‘Graduation’ Season

Donald Glover

Donald Glover Compares “Atlanta” To Kanye’s Records – This Was Our ‘Graduation’ Season

With Donald Glover’s Atlanta TV series being renewed for a third season this month, many people have questions as to what we can expect next season.

The second season of the hit FX series dubbed “Robbin Season” was a bit dark, playing up being robbed metaphorically, often pitting the characters in extreme situations against themselves and others. Also, who can forget the infamous “Teddy Perkins” episode, which aired uninterrupted that took viewers on twists and turns, leaving us psychologically drained.

Kanye West

So what can viewers expect next season? While at an Emmy’s For Your Consideration screening and panel for the series, Glover stated that next season isn’t expected to be as dark as this past season. He explained,

I align the seasons I think, to me, like Kanye records. I feel like this is our ‘Graduation.’ This is probably our most accessible but also the realest — an honest version of it — and I feel like the most enjoyable, like the third album.

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Glover also goes on to say how the cast and the writers want to outperform the work they have previously done.

We were all on iMessage together and kind of talking about it, and I think people were really hungry to like beat ourselves, which is great.

Donald’s brother Stephen Glover, who is also an executive producer and writer for the show, also added that he’s happy with the writer’s flexibility to almost do anything with the show.

What’s exciting to me is that we can do almost anything… And also, all the writers are very excited to try to top themselves.

Stephen also went on to say that much of the writing began even when they were still shooting for season 2, stating,

[The ideas start] when the writers’ room for Season 2 ends. Even when we’re shooting Season 2, everybody’s minds are thinking on that type of stuff. Now that the season has ended, it’s finished airing and everything, we’ve just been talking this whole time. Everybody’s coming up with ideas so it never really stops.

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By: Jeanine Cruz 

Authored by: Kellie Williams