Regina Hall Jokes – I Met Issa Rae While She Was Homeless At A Stop Light

Regina Hall, Issa Rae

Regina Hall Jokes About Meeting Issa Rae at a Red Light: She Was Homeless

On Tuesday, Issa Rae shared a social media video of Regina Hall explaining how she met the Insecure actress. Captured under a black and white filter, Rae snagged a video of Hall telling the strange, but humorous story while on the set of their new comedy, “Little.” The “Girls Trip” actress says she first met Issa at a stop sign, but quickly adjusts and re-utters, she met her at a red light. As the story opens, Issa begins to ask questions for clarity,

So you’re saying you met me, and I was homeless, holding a sign, that said ‘Help? :)

As Issa and their peers cackle at the story in the background, Hall responds,

It had a lil’ exclamation with a smiley face. That’s what got my attention. I said, ‘She needs help – and she’s still smiling – [with] a smiley face at the end of the question mark. I’ll never forget it.’

Issa interjects,

Wait, so, it was help with a question mark? [Help?]

Hall jokingly corrects herself,

It was an exclamation point! Sorry. It was a smile at the end of the exclamation mark. And I said, ‘That’s cute.’ I remember it like it was yesterday.

Issa further probes this displaced story and asks,

So, then you just brought me into your car?

As Hall responds,

I said – she pause and restarts, ‘I got out my car! I didn’t trust you yet. I got out my car, and we talked. I was like ‘This girl is talented.’

Issa further investigates,

But what did I do to show you [I was talented]?

Hall quickly responds,

It was just [like] I could feel it. It was just your energy.

Issa clarifies,

So you just felt my talented energy?

Hall simply confirms,

It was just talented energy.

Check out the video below.

Hall will executive produce and star in the film; along with Rae, Black-ish star, Marsai Martin will star in the film too.

By: CaDarius Booker

Authored by: TJB Writer