Terry Crews Sued For $1 Million, Accused of Discrimination & Cyberbullying

Terry Crews

Terry Crews Sued For $1 Million, Accused of Discrimination & Cyberbullying

Terry Crews added activist to his resume in 2018, but with new levels comes new devils. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor is being sued for for a $1 million by his former friend Darwin Hall, owner of Milwaukee-based company, Symbolic Web Media, LLC. The lawsuit is accusing Crews of cyber bullying, harassment, discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and breach of contract.

Once Crews retired from the NFL, Hall was hired to assist Crews in growing an organic online presence at a set price of $55 hour. Hall is seeking “damages in an amount to be proven at trial, and exceeding $1,000,000,” emotional distress, and

“several harrowing weeks of despicable online harassment and cyberstalking.”

Some of the work Hall completed was making a Facebook for Crews and other things. The completed work has allegedly totaled out to about 6,000 hours, earning only $28,479.06 over the years. Last Christmas, Crews spoke candidly about a “friend hustle.” In a thread of tweets, Crews stated a former friend he was working with was a “mirroring sociopath” and asked said friend to stop building porn sites, since Crews has spoken about overcoming his previous addiction to porn.

Crews went on to claim the friend obliged, but asked Crews to pay for the money he would have received once the porn sites were complete. According to the suit,

“Further, in response, to the demand for payment, Defendants engaged in a horrific campaign of harassment and cyberbullying that has caused Plaintiff to fear for his life and suffer substantial emotional distress, all because he dared to ask Defendants to honor their end of the bargain.”

The documents allegedly claim Crews went hostile in 2013 after he discovered Hall was working with an LGBTQ-identifying client on a

“dating app that the client had created for professional women.”

Crews nor his team have responded to the lawsuit.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams