Cardi B – I’m Not An Angel, I’m A Freaky A** Nasty B*tch! 

Cardi B

Cardi B – I’m Not An Angel, I’m A Freaky A** Nasty B*tch!

Social media trolls are after Cardi B. Kulture’s mommy recently made a surprise appearance during the Migos’ set in New York to perform alongside her husband, Offset. Cardi also made it clear that she was there for another reason – to get frisky now that they’ve been cleared by doctors! Cardi posted a video to her Instagram story of she and Offset kissing and cuddling in a vehicle, “Partition”-style. Fans assumed that because he caressed his wife’s thigh, that he slipped his digits where Kulture made her entrance! Twitter user @MoveBackBug posted the video with this caption:


In feisty Cardi B fashion, she went on a Twitter rant defending herself. She said

“I know a lot of ya are young and fake angels but remember I’m a grown ass woman that always been a freakytona I DO W.E THE F*CK I WANT .I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE AN ANGEL! I rap about this shit sooo why the f*ck are you surprise ?Amd [sic] if you a”Young fan” you shouldn’t be on my page period ! I wasn’t getting f*ngered i had LETHER SHORTS ON …. but i wish i was :/I was very very horny You wanna know what sooo funny I don’t see my fans complaining about the instasnap .All i see is other artists stans mad at it .Like why ?why ya so worried ?Worry about your fav artists don’t worry about Cardi!”

When Twitter just didn’t provide enough characters for the “I Like It” rapper to express herself, she took to her favorite social media platform – Instagram live. In her live video feed, she explained how she’s going to be herself from now on because criticism is inevitable. She said:

“Let me tell y’all how I been tryna like clean my image up, right? I don’t know if y’all noticed, but for a hot minute, even before I was pregnant, I wasn’t doing scandalous outfits. Like I was tryna show as much less skin as possible. Like when I perform, like I would wear leotards and sh*t, but not extremely revealing. Like I didn’t want to be too sexy and everything, because I felt like I needed a more cleaner image. And then it’s just like ‘For what?’ Like yesterday when I posted myself half naked and everything, it’s like why should I act like I’m a f*cking angel? I’m not a mother f*cking angel. I’m a mother f*cking nasty *ss freak *ss bitch, you know what I’m saying?”

She continued:

“Why should I clean my image up? Why should I act like I’m a saint? Why should I wear f*cking skirts that are down to my ankles every single day? Y’all still gonna call me a hoe. Y’all still gonna call me a motherf*cking stripper. Y’all still gonna call me that sh*t, so why the f*ck should I act like I’m an angel for y’all niggas? Y’all motherf*ckers always gonna have something to say, so why? Why? Like let me be free. Like it’s like if I wanna be half *ss naked, like why not? Like a b*tch used to be a whole motherf*cking stripper. If I want to feel sexy, if I want y’all to see my body, why the f*ck not?”

It looks like motherhood has awakened a new level of self-acceptance for Cardi B. You go girl!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Kellie Williams