EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop’s Safaree Releases Song About His P*nis  – “BDE Lemme Touch” [New Music]

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop’s Safaree Releases Song About His P*nis  – “BDE Lemme Touch” [New Music]

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports Love & Hip-Hop star Safaree Samuels, has a new single on the way, and it’s about his penis that went viral. Samuels shocked the world when visual evidence of his penis surfaced earlier this year. Since the release of the intimate footage, the reality star has received both porn and sex toy offers. As the potential endorsement deals have rolled in, his third leg has also remained a storyline between Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Lyrica Anderson and her husband/producer, A.1. 

On the track titled, BDE Lemme Touch, Safaree raps about how women have flocked to him and are constantly trying to grope his male specimen. The song starts with a soundbite of a woman hysterically bellowing as she asks,

“Let me touch your dick! Let me touch the d*ck! Let me touch the d*ck!” 

The production has a hypotonic/afro bass with a jungle rhythmic drum that resonates with the reception Samuels has received since his beef cake has gone viral. In the opening of the track, he rhymes:

“Ever since the milli deal they been buggin’ / People’s aunties, people’s sisters, even mamas and they cousins / To be honest / I don’t pack em’ / I don’t put in my luggage / I can’t even wear grey sweats without girls touchin’!” 

He also allegedly references Basketball Wives star Malaysia Pargo. He rhymes

“Small like French fries / curse like French guys / Tie you down to the bed with this size / Told Malaysia lets fly to Asia / Told her ex-nigga I’ll see you later”

The chorus for the quirky song is delivered by Sexxy Lexxy who his heard rhyming,

“Let me touch your d*ck / Let me Let me / Let me touch your d*ck.” 

Samuels also took a chapter out of Issa Rae’s book, as the song is named BDE, an acronym for the coined phrase “Big D*ck Energy.” Listen to the track below. 

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Authored by: TJB Writer