Cardi B Turns Herself Into Police Over Strip Club Fight [VIDEO]

Cardi B Expected To Appear In Court Over Strip Club Fight

Cardi B turned herself in to New York police on Monday. This morning, footage of the rapper entering a building that appears to be a court house, went viral.


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According to reports, the rapper is appearing in court, where she will allegedly be charged with two misdemeanors, in connection to a strip club brawl that took place in August. While the official reason of the showdown has not been determined, the two bartenders, who happen to be sisters, were allegedly attacked, Jade and Baddie Gi by Cardi’s crew. Following the scuffle, the bartenders stated they would be pressing charges and have followed through on their word.

Offset & fiance Cardi B

Cardi showed up to court with her lawyers and is ready to claim her innocence. According to the New York public information officer,

She is in the company of her counsel and detectives, and is being interviewed.

It was rumored Cardi caught her husband, Offset cheating with one of the ladies, and sent her posse to assault both women while she was at Angels Strip Club in New York. While both bartenders deny involvement with the Migos rapper, another rumor surfaced that the bartenders were allegedly attack due to them speaking ill on Cardi’s best friend Star Brim. Reportedly both of the women were hurt, but denied medical attention. Cardi will be charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

Sources close to the situation allege the fight was spontaneous and not premeditated.

Authored by: Andre Palmer