Mathew Knowles Talks Surprise Reunion w/ Beyonce & Ex Wife Tina Lawson Backstage

Mathew Knowles Talks Surprise Reunion With Beyonce And Tina Lawson Backstage

Mathew Knowles surprised Beyonce and her mother Tina Lawson backstage at the final On The Run II tour stop in Seattle last week. In an interview, he explained how he pulled off the surprise.

It was a warm and endearing, positive moment. I went to Seattle. It was the last show of the tour and I wanted to surprise her by bringing her a dozen lovely red roses. So, I sat in the dressing room area. She didn’t know I was out there. Tina was out there and some other folks were out there and Beyonce came out and there I was. She gave me this huge hug that only daughters can give to their dads. 

Mathew and Tina actually ran into one another at the OTRII tour stop in Beyonce’s hometown of Houston, but kept their interaction under wraps. This time, Beyonce was eager to share photos of her parents together.

The conversation was more of her being surprised that I was there and then Beyonce wanted to take a photo of the three of us. That was important to us, to her and important to all of us. 

Mathew and Tina divorced in 2011 after 31 years of marriage. Mathew went on to marry Gena Avery in 2013 and have an 8-year-old daughter together named Koi, who was born while Mathew and Tina were still married. Mathew has another child with another woman, a son named Nixon, who is also 8 years old. Tina remarried as well. She and husband Richard Lawson have been married since 2015.  Despite the drama in his first marriage, Mathew says he and Tina were never enemies.

We’ve never been enemies. I’ve always had nothing but positive words for Tina. We see each other and we talked to each other many days and that’s all that matters to us. 


Mathew added some final words from Beyonce,

What Beyonce did say was that she was happy and sad. She was happy that the tour was over and she was sad that the tour was over — because she will miss so many of her fans.  

Authored by: Eleven8