Ray J Says He Has No Regrets Of Doing Sextape W/ Kim Kardashian

Ray J, Kim Kardashian

Ray J Says He Has No Regrets Of Doing Sextape With Kim Kardashian

Ray J’s inception into the entertainment industry was through his acting chops, and over the years he’s been able to develop his career within music, acting, and most recently, technology. As he continues to have a staple position on “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood,” the budding mogul is reflecting on the obstacles it took to get him to the position he’s in today, including his infamous sextape with Kim Kardashian.

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Kim Kardashian

In 2003, a video was leaked of Kim and Ray J having sex with each other – as a couple – while they were on vacation in Mexico. At the time, Ray J had somewhat of a career, but the famous video launched the Kardashian empire. Now, 15 years later, Ray J is confirming he’s content with where his life is today, despite his past.

I don’t regret anything I’ve done. Not even the sex tape, it’s shaped me into the person I am today and helped me find The One. The old me had a lot of different things to say, but now when somebody asks me about the sex tape I realise I have to do better.

The reason for his change of heart is due to his wife, Princess,

When you’re blessed with someone who loves you, and that’s [wife] Princess, you have to do whatever you can to treat her with respect and keep her.

Adding, the only career regret he has,

My only career regret is the way I was removed from the Big Brother House. I’d love to go back in and be given a fair chance to be voted out by the public. I think I could win it.

The tape, which has grossed over $100 million, reportedly to date, is still circulating in the trenches of the Internet, but it’s nice to know both parties have moved on successfully.

Authored by: Andre Palmer