Anthony Mackie Set To Star In Upcoming Limited Series “Falcon and Winter Solider”

Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie To Star In Limited Series “Falcon & Winter Solider”

Anthony Mackie will be starring in an upcoming limited series in partnership with Marvel and Disney, according to reports. While the series is still in development, it has been confirmed “Falcon and Winter Soldier” will be premiering on Disney’s streaming service, and will be written by “Empire” writer and co-executive producer, Malcolm Spellman. It is unclear where the series what type of storyline the series will follow, due to this being on of the first announcements within the Disney and Marvel’s alliance.

The two companies recently announced they were planning to release multiple limited series based on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe which have not been premiered in their own standalone films. The episode length for the forthcoming series’ are expected to be six to eight episodes long.

Mackie is set to play Falcon, who’s superhero first made an appearance in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” while Sebastian Stan will play “Winter Soldier,” who’s superhero first appeared in “Captain America” film in 2011.

Authored by: Andre Palmer