Idris Elba Doll Misses The Mark, Resembling Romany Malco [Photos]

Idris Elba, Romany Malco

Idris Elba Doll Misses The Mark, Resembling Romany Malco

A British doll manufacturer released a replica doll of recently titled “Sexist Man Alive,” Idris Elba. The handcrafted doll makers are facing inquisitive sentiments about the doll’s creation and construct after misrepresenting authentic details of the British actor. Once converted into USD, the handcrafted doll is worth about $1,100, and the public is speculating how the doll is nearly sold out if it so closely resembles actor Romany Malco, who starred in “Think Like A Man” and “Think Like A Man Too.”

Idris Elba


Ramony Malco

Unlike Elba, the doll carried a bald held, disproportionate body, and bony facial structures which falsely symbolizes the reality of the engaged 46-year-old. The doll is expected to have been sold out considering it’s unavailability on the manufacturer’s website, and as of 9 a.m. Tuesday (November 13), only two were in stock.

Idris Elba

The company launched in 2010, and is also known for making a replica doll of the “Heart of Stone” songstress, Cher.

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Authored by: Andre Palmer