Nicki Minaj Countersues Ex Stylist Who Claims She Never Returned Thousands Of Dollars In Clothes: I Overpaid You!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Countersues Former Wardrobe Stylist Who Claims She Never Returned $74k Worth Of Clothes: I Overpaid You!

Nicki Minaj was served with a lawsuit earlier this year from a former stylist. According to Maher Jridi’s suit, he is claiming Minaj never returned clothes he rented from an unnamed wardrobe company. With no clothes, the company sued Jridi for $74k, which in return, made Jridi countersue Minaj. Almost a month later, Minaj is responding to Jridi’s lawsuit with a countersue, as well.

She says she doesn’t owe Jridi any money and denies not returning the clothes. She also says she overpaid him $12,000 for stylist services and he kept the money. She outlines in her claim how she has an email thread corroborating with her new allegations, and Jridi was aware of the overpayment because he agreed to return it. In essence, Minaj is requesting Jridi’s original case be thrown out and is suing for $12k plus legal fees.

According to reports, Jridi has responded to Minaj’s new court documents and claims her statements are false and the truth will be revealed.

Authored by: Andre Palmer