Michelle Obama Dances For Terminally Ill Children [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Dances For Terminally Children During Christmas Reading

Michelle Obama stopped by the Denver, Colorado’s children hospital along with Santa Claus to read “The Night Before Christmas”  to thousands of sick (some terminally ill) children accompanied with their parents. In the midst of the event, a reporter from Colorado caught Obama dancing to a certain new dance from multiplayer game Fortnite. Before one of the kids stood up and demonstrated the “Orange Justice” dance, Obama was asked what her favorite dance move was.

While she couldn’t find an answer, she followed the lead of one the children sitting in the audience. Santa Claus stood up afterwards and followed Obama’s lead. Other children in the audience joined in on the dancing soon after.

If you were in front of Michelle Obama, what dance would you have done? Let us know in the comments.

Authored by: Andre Palmer