Kylie Jenner Defends Travis Scott After Speculation He Shaded Kanye

Kanye West, Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Comes To Bat For Travis Scott After It Was Assumed He Was Being Petty With Kanye West

Kanye West tends to utilize his Twitter as a space where he can vent and declare his frustrations with family members. Amidst West calling out Drake for “sneak dissing” him on Travis Scott’s “SICKOMODE,” the shoe designer informed his 28.9 million followers he had an issue with Scott allowing Drake to allegedly disrespect him on the “ASTROWORLD” featured track.

West eventually tweeted Friday he and Scott had plans on meeting to discuss why he felt dissatisfied with Drake’s line,

Checks over strips.

 Before their meeting, Scott posted a selfie to his Instagram Story, and sparked attention over the assumption he was being petty with his choice of clothing – a Nike sweatshirt. The mother to Scott’s child and beauty mogul Kylie Jenner stepped in to clarify the popular attire. She shared on Twitter, 

he’s not being petty. this is a sweatshirt design (the sock is apart of the design). everyone is good, moved on, living life. for anyone who wasn’t aware – travis has had a deal w Nike and still does. point is.. it’s all been talked out. It’s only positive energy.

Kanye did confirm he met Scott on Saturday, and the two were able to work everything out. 

Authored by: Andre Palmer