Van Jones Credits Kim Kardashian For Passed Criminal Reform Bill

Van Jones, Kim Kardashian

Van Jones Credits Kim Kardashian for Passed Criminal Reform Bill

Political commentator/criminal justice reform advocate Van Jones wants credit to be given where it’s due. The CNN host discussed the recently passed First Step Act bill. This act will change the laws in place that imprison non-violent drug offenders for gross periods of time, and ease the “three strike rule.”

Van credits reality TV star Kim Kardashian-West‘s influence for getting the historic bill passed. Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian met with Donald Trump to have 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson pardoned from a life sentence for a non-violent drug crime.

Kim & Alice

Van said this of Kim Kardashian:

“Let me tell you something, if Kim Kardashian had not gone to the White House and talked to Donald Trump we would not have passed this bill. We would not have 50,000 people fewer in federal prisons because of this bill, 100 percent of people who are locked up in federal prisons can go home a little bit earlier if they stay out of trouble, 50 percent of them can come home a lot earlier if they work hard, 100 percent of women are not going to be shackled and mistreated. Why? Because Kim Kardashian was willing to put her celebrity on the line for people she didn’t even know.”

He continued:

“And everybody who said she was being played and she was just being used for a photo op, how you like me now? Look at the scoreboard now — 87 votes to 12 in the U.S. Senate? You can’t get 87 to 12 to change the post office name and we got 87 to 12 to help people behind bars because Kim Kardashian-West was willing to stand up for somebody.”

Van celebrated the political victory on Instagram. He posted a photo of his picture live on CNN breaking the news of the bill’s passing. His caption read:

“@vanjones68 #HISTORY made, folks !!!! #FirstStepAct #cut50 … Congratulations to everyone, especially @jessymichele22, @topekaksam, @heinspires4real and the rest of the @cut50 crew. Hard work and faith pays off !!!”

This isn’t his first time defending Kim. He defended her work with criminal justice reform against an Instagram troll earlier this year.

Watch Van Jones’ recent interview with Kim Kardashian at last month’s Criminal Justice Summit below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay