Future – I Love Pretty Women & Hate Ghetto B*tches

Future Gives Particular Details About What He Likes In His “Pretty” Woman

Future has never been shy of displaying his raunchy and risque personality – whether in reality or figuratively within his music. The Atlanta bred rapper is continuing to show off his personality, along with his different appreciation for women via his Instagram Stories. More recently, he shared a black and white filtered video of himself stating,

I hate you ghetto b*tches, but y’all got some good pu**y.

In another he added,

You thought too late. I see you, I like that. It’s cute. Despite the ghetto chick post(s), I love pretty women. Period. No matter what you hear or see. My b*tches gotta be bad. My lady, my one lady.

The “Throw Away” rapper’s Story was followed up with him in the Chanel store, with multiple black gift boxes wrapped with a bow on the register; presuming he was purchasing them for his pretty woman.

Authored by: Andre Palmer