KeKe Palmer: “I Learned About Oral Sex By Watching ‘The Maury Povich Show!'”

Keke Palmer

KeKe Palmer: “I learned about oral sex by watching ‘The Maury Povich Show!'”

Let’s talk about sex. Actress/singer KeKe Palmer offered up a hilarious fun fact about coming of age. KeKe, 25, revealed that she, surprisingly, learned about oral sex from watching “The Maury Povich Show” as a kid. She explained,

“[Maury] taught me what oral sex was…that’s important, too! I will never forget the time that I was watching Maury — I shouldn’t have been watching Maury, right? But I grew up in a very small, Midwestern area, so you know, it’s like, you just watch those shows.”

She continued:

“I remember they mentioned the lie detector test. ‘Did you have oral sex? Lie detector test determines you did,’ and my mom overheard and she’s like, ‘Oh my God, my daughter’s watching Maury.’ And you know what she did? She said, ‘Do you know what oral sex is?’ And I’m like, ‘No…’ She says, ‘I want you to look up in the dictionary what oral is and what sex is.’ And then I was horrified, and I knew that I shouldn’t have been watching Maury!”

Ha! KeKe Palmer’s sex talk with Busy was in promotion for her upcoming role in the Lee Daniels-produced, “Pimp.” KeKe plays a Bronx-born lesbian pimp named Wednesday, who was raised in a prostitute ring.

You learned from the best, KeKe!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay