RHOA’s Shamari DeVoe To Marlo Hampton: You’re NOT A Housewife, You’re A Friend Of The Show! 

RHOA’s Shamari DeVoe To Marlo Hampton: You’re NOT A Housewife!

Uh oh! Look out for flying peaches! Two reality TV divas recently took to social media to exchange a few rounds of “fun shade.” “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Shamari DeVoe sat down with Bevy Smith and Andy Cohen on a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live when a caller asked her this about her castmates:

“Who do you think is the shadiest housewife on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta?'”

Shamari confidently answered:

“Of course, I’m gonna say- wait! Marlo’s not a housewife, is she?”

Oop! This Twitter was has been a long time coming for the ladies. Shamari and longtime friend of the show – fashion guru Marlo Hampton – have previously bumped heads over Marlo’s unsolicited criticism of Shamari’s choices in attire. They even got into a heated argument at the dinner table in front of the rest of the peach-holders.

Marlo caught wind of Shamari’s shady WWHL shout-out, and clapped back on Twitter. She said:

“Thanks @ShamariDeVoe I’m flattered you’re a fan; shadiest peach, without a peach, I must be doing something right you looked cute last night though girl, thanks to that fire I put up under those church lace fronts and 1999 outfits”

Shamari DeVoe taunted Marlo with her peach-holder status with this response:

“Awww! You’re welcome, friend (of the show) @iheartMarlo ! I’ll be sure to send you an edible arrangement when I get back to Atlanta after doing MY NYC press tour for being a CAST MEMBER of #RHOA… Which hotel and alias are you using this week so I can make sure you get them?”

Marlo Hampton, then, attacked Shamari’s relationship with New Edition/BBD member Ronnie DeVoe. She tweeted:

“See @ShamariDeVoe once again I have to school you on Fabulosity! Edible arrangement … my toddler nephews don’t even eat that, try a nice Godiva package, and the alias I’m using this week is wife to Ronnie – same as you”

In a now-deleted tweets, Shamari and Marlo threw their last jabs:

Who won this Twitter-war?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay