Killer Mike & DJ Envy Have Heated Exchange Over Public School vs Private School Debate

Killer Mike & DJ Envy Have Heated Exchange Over Public School vs Private School Debate

Things got heated this morning on Power 105.1’s “Breakfast Club” morning show. Atlanta rapper/entrepreneur Killer Mike visited DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne tha God to discuss real estate, interracial relationships, public vs private school education, and his informative Netflix docuseries, “Trigger Warning.” Killer Mike and DJ Envy got into a sharp-tongued verbal altercation about whether or not Black people glorify White people by sending their children to private school. Killer Mike said:

“Why are we not supporting historically Black colleges and universities? That’s where our heroes went! That’s where they came from! Dr. King went to Booker T. Washington. You gon’ show me a n*gga smarter than him? I don’t have no problems with you loving your children, but my children go to public school. ‘Cause I pay taxes in public school, and they named for Black people. And either you gonna choose to be excellent, and you gonna do better – or you gon’ sit your chump a** down and you gon’ keep being the same sh*t over and over. But you can’t complain and say that greatness wasn’t given to you. If you walk in a school named for Frederick Douglas High School, and you do not have the initiative as a parent or the student to walk up and step up to that greatness, but you’ll do it at St. Pius? Man, you a chump!”

DJ Envy, who sends his children to private school, disagreed. He said:

“Don’t put words in my mouth. I don’t put words in your’s. I’m not mad. I let you speak. I let you give your spiel. I’ve been to public school…My kids go to private school, right? My son has his own business, has his own thing- things that I didn’t learn before. You know why? Because those opportunities were given to him.”

Word of the intense “Breakfast Club” banter spread on social media, making it the ninth hottest topic at the time of the show. DJ Envy screenshot the trending top list, and posted it to his Instagram Story.

Despite the heated exchange, both DJ Envy and Killer Mike insisted that there aren’t any hard feelings between the two of them. Both commented on their banter on Instagram:

“@djenvy Intellectual Sparring….. @killermike

@killermike No matter how we fight i love and Respect my light skin friend @djenvy! Catch me @cthagod @angelayee & my man Envy as we discuss #TriggerWarningWithKillerMike and Public vs Private School. Thank Y’all for having me and Thank God For y’all lit a** show! Catch me now!”

Charlamagne tha God also chimed in, noting the importance of hearing different perspectives. He used this caption on Instagram in promotion of the interview:

“Neither one of these brothers were wrong. Just two different perspectives. I know it sounds hostile but Black men often aggressively and intensely exchange ideas but the foundation of it all is LOVE!”

Watch Killer Mike’s “Breakfast Club” interview below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay