Future Helps Baby Mama Ex Brittni Mealy W/ Business Venture

Brittni Mealy, Future

Future’s Ex Brittni Mealy Selling Hoodies Featuring Him

Future’s baby mama and his ex-girlfriend Brittni Mealy continues to branch out and pursue a business of her own. Her clothing brand, Unicorn Universe, has recently dropped a new line of hoodies that feature a very familiar face…Future himself.

While promoting her new line of hoodies, Unicorn Purp, from her clothing line Unicorn Universe, Future’s ex Brittni Mealy revealed that the hoodies feature a prominent photo of herself and Future cuddled up together. Mealy is seen holding weed to Future’s lips as he smokes it, while she looks down at him. The limited-edition hoodies are currently selling for $99 and are described as unisex.

In several posts to her Instagram stories Mealy also announced that Unicorn Universe is looking for professional models and brand ambassadors to further strengthen the brand. For now, it appears that the Unicorn Purp hoodies are the only items from her line that feature Future.

Mealy and Future reportedly ended their relationship late last year after she discovered that the Atlanta rapper had been unfaithful with his other baby mama, Joie Chavis, who also has a child with rapper Bow Wow. Apparently, the bad blood between them must have calmed down because now he features prominently in her clothing line.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings