Dream Hampton Told Tupac He Couldn’t Rap

Tupac, Dream Hampton

Dream Hampton Told Tupac He Couldn’t Rap

Dream Hampton is in the business of truth telling. The mastermind behind the groundbreaking Lifetime documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly,” revealed she almost deterred the dreams of one hip hop’s most noted lyricist. As a budding hip hop journalist, she told Tupac he couldn’t rap! She tweeted:

“I’ll erase this tweet before people wake up. I hate when people like my stupid hip hop tweets from last century. I especially hate that they act like that’s what I primarily tweet about.”

She continued:

“I told Tupac he couldn’t rap and he got all ‘well who in dream’s high and mighty opinion can rap’ and I gave him an early advance of illmatic that he then proceeded to listen to nonstop, even in court.”

Media personality Christylezz added to Dream’s throwback sentiments. He tweeted:

“Telling a friend they can’t rap is one of the toughest conversations you can have in the black community.”

Dream replied:

“It was my college job”

Dream is no stranger to the hip hop community. She was the first female editor of The Source Magazine, and is close friends with rap mogul, Jay Z. She even contributed to his memoir, “Decoded.” Thank God her influence fueled some of the best bars of Tupac’s career!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay