Michael Jackson’s Nephew Taj Jackson Starts #IKnewLeavingNeverLandWasBS Hashtag, Fans Defend Singer

Michael Jackson, nephew Taj Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Nephew Taj Jackson Starts #IKnewLeavingNeverLandWasBS Hashtag, Fans Defend Singer

Many Michael Jackson fans have spoken out about their thoughts on HBO’s Leaving Neverland special that aired earlier this year. Earlier this year, Oprah Winfrey hosted a special after the documentary and interviewed two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who said Michael Jackson sexually assaulted them when they were boys.

Jackson’s nephew Taj Jacksoncontinues to defend his late uncle, attempting to clear his name. This week, he started the hashtag #IKnewLeavingNeverLandBS on Twitter and encouraged fans to take part. He wrote,

the minute I heard about it. Wade and James are the same two men who previously tried and failed to sue the Michael Jackson Estate for $$$$$$$$. This has always been about money. Lets spread the hashtag Please add your own.

He then added,

when James Safechuck confidently said he was sexually abused upstairs in the Neverland train station, and it was later exposed that the Neverland train station wasn’t even built till years later.

when an army of blue check marks desperately tried to push this one sided propaganda piece and this sick narrative before the public even had a chance to make up their own mind. This was a calculated attack and media blitz against Michael Jackson.
It didn’t take long for fans to jump in, causing the hashtag to start trending Wednesday night.
The hashtag was trending in the U.S. and Canada.
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Authored by: Char Patterson