Yung Miami Calls Bernice Burgos’ Daughter A Prostitute After They Argue Over McDonald’s & Water Comment

Amarie, Yung Miami

Yung Miami Calls Bernice Burgos’ Daughter A Prostitute After They Argue Over McDonald’s & Water Comment

Yung Miami might be pregnant but the rapper had time to go head-to-head with Amarie, the daughter of Bernice Burgos on Instagram Thursday.

Bernice Burgos

Their new beef apparently started when Amarie posted a screenshot of a conversation between her and her friends on her IG story. In the group chat, the ladies are making fun of a woman who they said eats McDonald’s and doesn’t drink water.

Apparently, that was enough for Yung Miami to think Amarie and her friends were talking about her.  Yung Miami replied to the IG story and said,

“Y’all h*es keep my name out y’all mouth… when y’all talk don’t forget to mention I’m richer then all y’all H*ES! Already spared you… You still walking around with the Chanel [redacted name] bought you h*e sit yo tired prostituting a** down!”

Amarie then told Yung Miami that they weren’t talking about her. She added that she’s actually a fan of the rapper and denied being a prostitute. She said she and her friends were only

“arguing and being funny towards each other.”

Amarie didn’t say if Yung Miami responded, but she posted the back and forth between them and wrote,

“I’m over minding my f***in business as always and this ignorant grown a** woman wanna come and hit me up talkin bulls*** cause I posted something about eating Mc Donald’s YOU NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT EAT MC DONALDS!! U calling me a prostitute but that’s wtf u promotin! I could NEVER be a prostitute! U talkin this RICH s*** but u worried about little ol me U DON’T EVEN KNOW ME. U down playing me mind u I support ya music you don’t know wtf I got going on I’m not worried about no female especially not u we don’t even kno each other & I’m posting this to show how lame this girl is over some water and mc Donald’s and nobody was talkin aout her tf. How tf u ended up on my Instagram and u don’t even follow me. I don’t rap or sing tf f*** u comin for me for @yungmiami305”


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Authored by: Char Patterson