Love & Hip Hop’s Tokyo Vanity Says Chris Brown Wouldn’t Allow Dark Skinned Women In His VIP Section, Singer Responds [VIDEO]

Love & Hip Hop’s Tokyo Vanity Says Chris Brown Wouldn’t Allow Dark Sinned Women In His VIP Section, Singer Responds [VIDEO]

Chris Brown and Tokyo Vanity had time! The singer and reality star went head-to-head on social media with no mercy. And it was all over Brown’s lyrics to his song Need A Stack, where he sung,

“Only wanna f*** the black b****es with the nice hair”

Tokyo was one of many who confronted Brown over the lyrics. She also said this isn’t the first time she’s had an encounter with Brown discriminating against dark-skinned women.

She first responded to a fake Brown page that showed a dark-skinned woman in his V.I.P. section with the caption,

“Last time he was in a club in Atlanta… let’s take a look around shall we?”

Tokyo responded with,

“even though I’m blocked N***A it prolly took y’all 4 yrs to find a dark skinned girl in his section….y’all talking about one chick who he let in his section in Atlanta…. I’m talking about THE RULES He HAD IN HIS SECTION IN LA… My n***a I’m not bashing HIM cause I don’t give a f*** about HIS preference because in life we all have preferences and are entitled to like what we like…. but keep it 100% slime…..Lmfaooo AT THE CLUB IN LA HIS SECTION RULES WAS NO DARKSINNED GIRLS AND HIS SECURITY MADE SURE THE LET THE B****ES KNOW AND ENFORCED THAT”

She added that her friend had a run-in with Brown. 

“My home girl was there that night and her other friends, they let her friends in and stopped her and his security said no ‘darkies’. Like a man stand on what you say and how you feel don’t renege because you’re being bashed that ain’t gangsta… (I’m sure your fans will relay my message since all ya fans attacking my DM with fake receipts)… (side note I ain’t never been known for lying on BO N***A)”

She then seemed to respond to Brown’s challenge for the “uglies” mad at his lyrics to post a photo of what they look like.

Tokyo did just that and wrote,

“And to y’all hoes who keep telling me to post my real hair and a full body picture here’s both and you can scroll my page and see many more … I’m gorgeous . Talmbout someone want clout b**** I had 2 million followers b4 I even opened my mouth about this s*** …. I’m on tv every Monday at 8pm I don’t need no clout from CHRIS”

Brown took it up a notch and posted a snapshot of Tokyo on his story and wrote,


That sent Tokyo off and she shared a few more messages, including a video where she called him “Christopher Powderhead Brown”, referencing accusations that he does drugs. She added,

“You’re into things of lighter complexion. You know coke, heroin, molly, acid… cigarettes… I’m just saying… Puerto Rican women, white women, Asian women…”

She added that all she wants him to do is stand behind his preference. She also said she told her friend that was denied entrance into his V.I.P. section that she didn’t belong there anyway because she doesn’t do drugs.

Are you Team Tokyo or Team Chris on this one?


Authored by: Char Patterson