Nicki Minaj Jumps On DaBaby’s “Suge” Remix [New Music]

Nicki Minaj, Da Baby 

LISTEN: Nicki Minaj Jumps On DaBaby’s ‘Suge’ Remix

Nicki Minaj is giving us more music! The rapper hopped on the remix for DaBaby’s “Suge.” The song was released on a Queen Radio episode called “Queen Takeover” on Power 106 in L.A. In her verse, Nicki raps,

Drug lord, Griselda / I used to move weight through delta / So stay in your place ’cause I don’t wanna put you in a shelter / I’m cooking up in the kitchen, you could be my little helper / Go to the table and ask ’em do they want the flat or the seltzer / I go where I want I’m good, my n***as’ll get them goods / So come off the chain and come off the watch / You gotta respect the juggs / Queen sleazy era and they never see me ever / ‘Cause I send my shooters and they introduce us / As soon as I pull the lever (Brr) I say “choke me,” he do it, every time that we do it / N***a packing like Hewlett / I told him “d*mn n***a, you lit / On that D going stupid / Got my a**-shots from Cupid / You could just ask Ken, he be like “Hadouken!” (Rrrh)

She also gave fans a snippet on social media.

Da Baby is clearly a fan.

Listen to the full Queen Radio episode below.

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Authored by: Char Patterson