A&AP Rocky – Man Involved In Fight W/ Him Won’t Face Charges, Rapper Allegedly Doesn’t Think Race Is A Factor

A$AP Rocky

A&AP Rocky – Man Involved In Fight W/ Him Won’t Face Charges, Rapper Allegedly Doesn’t Think Race Is A Factor

While A$AP Rocky remains in jail for his part in a street flight in Sweden, the man involved in the fight with him is free of all charges, according to reports.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority has officially dropped the charges against him while A$AP Rocky remains in a Stockholm prison.

A rep for the Swedish organization said that only one of the men were facing investigation following a counter-notice after the fight, filed by A$AP Rocky’s bodyguard.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority said in a statement,

“The preliminary investigation in that matter is now discontinued and the injured party is no longer suspected of any crime.”

Daniel Suneson, the Senior Public Prosecutor and head of the investigation also said that they dropped the charges despite pointing out that A$AP Rocky’s bodyguard

“repeatedly asked the unnamed man to leave.”

Suneson also said that the man was acting in self-defense.

“When he refuses to leave, the other person first pushes him away and then takes a grip around the other person’s neck and lifts him away a few meters. In this situation, the person throws his headphones on the notifier, and tries to hand out battles, which may be considered as right to self-defense.”

Meanwhile, officials are still investigating A$AP Rocky’s part in the brawl as well as two members of his team.

A$AP Rocky hasn’t even been charged yet. But the Swedish Protection Authority want him to stay in jail until they decide how to move forward on July 25. He’s being held at the Kronoberg Detention Center.

While President Donald Trump has tried to get involved and at least have A$AP Rocky released on bail, a rep for the Swedish Prosecution Authority said,

“it is not possible for the US President to have any influence on the Swedish legal procedure.”

Sources close to the rapper said he doesn’t believe he’s being treated badly because he’s black. The Swedish Embassy has also insisted that they are not discriminating against him, nor would they treat anyone else differently because of their race. But, there’s also speculation that if A$AP Rocky and his team do cry foul play because of race, it could backfire with the prosecutors.

If charged and convicted, he could spend up to six years in jail.

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Authored by: Char Patterson